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What is GVSU Choose?

GVSU Choose is a textbook look-up tool that allows you to compare prices, select titles, and purchase books from multiple vendors simultaneously. GVSU Laker Store offers this service to assist students in finding the best prices on their books.

How do I use GVSU Choose?

To begin comparing prices enter the term and course information. If a faculty member has not yet requested course materials from GVSU Laker Store or has designated a course as no text required, a message will be displayed. Once you have entered your courses, real-time prices will be displayed for GVSU Laker Store and our online partners. While these prices are real-time, please note that they are subject to change without notice. When you are ready to purchase simply click on the "Add to Cart" button that corresponds to the desired book(s)/store. A summary will be shown with the different sources listed. GVSU Choose will separate the selected books into shopping carts and you will check out at each individual website.

Before you start, please consider the following:

» By purchasing from GVSU Laker Store, you get the correct book, great customer service, convenient pick-up, and easy returns. .

» Watch out for International and Instructor Editions when buying from other merchants. These editions are not legal for resale and not eligible for sell back at the end of the term.

» In-store pick up at both our Allendale and Grand Rapids locations is also available for GVSU Laker Store orders at no additional charge.

» GVSU Laker Store provides this information as a service to our customers. However, we are not responsible for any customer service, return, or refund issue related to any online merchant other than our own. We ask that you take extra caution when purchasing textbooks from other vendors.

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